Whether you run a restaurant, hotel or public house, trust Delamere Carpet Cleaning to invigorate the fabrics at your place of business. We provide a commercial service to clean upholstery on your premises. 

Commercial enterprises that cater to the public must be perfectly presented at all times. A professional cleaning service for your upholstery can enhance your image and offer a premium experience for your guests.

Comprehensive cleaning service

Our dedicated service has been developed to cope with all manner of upholstery around your enterprise, including chairs, settees and even curtains. Thorough cleaning conducted by expert professionals can not only rejuvenate the fabrics found in your rooms but add to their longevity too, saving you the expense of recovering or replacing damaged furniture.

Experienced operatives

Furnishings used by the public in commercial enterprises can see extensive traffic, leaving upholstery looking tired and soiled. Cleaning performed by experienced operatives with the latest technology at their fingertips can breathe new life into upholstery and ensure it looks its best. From fabric patch tests to preserve colour, to fast cleaning and drying times, our service is swift, efficient and designed for our clients’ convenience.

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