At Delamere Carpet Cleaning, we offer a dedicated stain removal service. Ideal for unwanted marks that are tough to get rid of, our skilled service is also kind to your carpet. Using expert equipment and our extensive knowledge of flooring, we have the capabilities to get rid of staining that may at first appear to be a permanent problem.

When a carpet becomes stained on your premises, your first impulse might be to try and fix it yourself, so it isn’t seen by clients and customers. However, tackling stains without professional expertise and equipment can potentially make them worse, leading to lasting damage.

It’s important that when an accident happens, you see to stains straight away. Contacting our team quickly will mean we can remove spills and stains before they permanently soak into fibres, drying and spreading across your company carpets. From tea, coffee and red wine to ink and oil, we have successfully removed a multitude of stains from carpets, along with dirt, grit and grime.

Due to the fibrous quality of carpets and the properties of some stains, we cannot guarantee complete removal in every case. We will always offer our professional assessment first, and if you wish for us to attempt stain removal, we will work to minimise as much damage as possible. Get in touch with our team for more information.