Here at Delamere Carpet Cleaning, we are prepped and ready to assist companies around Northwich and Delamere with a professional service for their commercial properties.

Whether you are looking for extensive carpet cleaning at your premises or specialist help to remove difficult stains, we can help.

There are multiple advantages to having your premises professionally cleaned. A hygienic working environment is beneficial to both the physical and mental health and wellbeing of your staff, enhancing your team’s motivation, organisation and productivity. Expertly cleaned carpets can also improve your image as a company, adding aesthetic appeal and creating a professional impression to visitors and potential clients and customers.

Cleaning an office

Busy enterprises can see a lot of footfall, which puts heavy stress on the cleanliness of company carpets. Our in-depth cleaning methods use state-of-the-art equipment to not only remove stains and grime, but also to remove and prevent pests, including fleas, mites and lice.

Carpets can get so clogged with dirt they may appear to have discoloured, but after we have completed our cleaning, they will appear fully refreshed with an improved fragrance.

Whatever the nature of your business, we can cater to your needs, whether you are operating an office block, a hotel or have rented residential properties. Get in touch to find out more.